Just like home

Extra love and care have been part of our secret recipe from the beginning. Because our customers are family, too.


My passion for baking began as a little girl in my maternal grandmother’s kitchen. Sharing special moments with her and my papa, baking and enjoying our desserts, is something I’ll always treasure. As a young mother, I continued to bake to bring in extra money.

My mom and I have always had a close relationship and often talked about working together someday. So in 2019, I took the plunge and bought the bakery. And my mom, Joanne, left her career after 31 years so we could fulfill our dream together.

It’s been a whole new world for us!

New business owners, managing staff, and making our customers happy — all during the pandemic that hit during our first year of ownership. There have been many roadblocks, with long days and nights, but even more laughs, happiness, and success.

It truly takes a village to make all this happen; the support of friends and family, employees, and dedicated customers contribute to making our dream reality. Thank you to everyone for all your support, and for giving us the opportunity to serve you treats made with love!

Krysten Trenholm

Owner, Sugar Mama’s Bake Shoppe

Sugar Mama's Bake Shoppe mural - Belleville, ON
krysten and her mom, joanne touching coffee cups and embracing
Sugar Mama's Bake Shoppe, Belleville, ON -- serving sweet treats!
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